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Message From Principal


Education has long ebbed from the ordinary classroom teaching and learning to a more complex and sophisticated system of a triad, building a relationship towards the general success of students. Consequently, our system is built in a way that encourages intercourse between teachers,students and parents to make our students better future leaders.

The sophistry of modern educational system requires dedicated and highly motivated team to achieve set goals;that is why at Galaxy School we have drawn a team of staff who are experts in their fields from across the globe to lead the drive for success. Access to our faculties is competitive and staff retention is much more based on effective research and tested impact making.

The global environment in the 21st century is highly challenging and intensely competitive; I believe our students must be equipped to face the challenge and compete favorably in the global market place. That is why we see it necessary to imbibe self confidence, logical reasoning and critical thinking in our students.

Following internationally recognized curriculum is very important, however I believe strict adherence to curriculum alone can't make the difference, consequently, we excite the curiosity of our students and provoke their innate desire to develop interpersonal and social skills guided by standard ethos to keep them equipped in the global environment. I believe that going this extra mile will put our students at the apogee of the global competition;the high rated achievements of our past students attest to this.

I believe that education must build independent individuals since independence is the bedrock for self identity; we have an approach that enables our students freely work out solutions to challenges of the day guided by our experienced staff in a respectful manner. The philosophy is making our students the center of the educational cycle while allowing them to work within their individual pace and within official time limits to hit set targets. This way our students become responsible and take charge of their own life.

I believe in unearthing every facet of our students' talent, therefore we encourage planned activities that set to get our students interact to uncover their talents. We also believe that such planned interactions enhance intra student communication that fosters learning from our cultural diversity.

Choose Galaxy International School to give your child a global perspective of life and to build relationships that will set them to achieve global contacts.

Message From Manager

“Education has always been the most important way of serving others and it is the most effective vehicle for change to a better world, regardless of whether it is in our country or abroad; as the solution of every problem in human life ultimately depends on the initiatives and capacities of human beings themselves.”

Having been inspired by this brilliant concept, Galaxy international school has since 2001 become a school that serves all people, regardless of their race, colour or faith in this beautiful country.

Throughout these years, we have taught that learning is a duty for all humans and by fulfilling it we attain the rank of true humanity and become a beneficial element of society.

We see an approach to education that is at peace with science and technology, as it warmly embraces the cultures and virtues of society at large, hence it is in this school that students of all cultures are taught universal values and ethics along with modern sciences.

Our teachers do their best to prepare the students for the future by keeping in mind that: “The best way to educate people is to show real concern for every individual, not forgetting that each individual is a different world.”

Apart from education, the school also stresses on social values and good conduct; we praise the discipline, courtesy and seriousness of our students as well as the high quality of education we offer in modern, state of the art environment.

Over the years, students of Galaxy International School have represented Ghana in international olympiads and have brought home 71 medals and other accomplishments. We have 345 of our graduates in different universities across the globe serving as good ambassadors of Ghana as well as their own nations where ever they are.

It is my fervent hope that the Galaxy tree which we continue to water will bear fruits not only to academically intelligent students but also to scholars who are resilient and versatile in every aspect of life.

Our Mission

Mission Statement
Our mission is to prepare our students for leadership roles and provide them with the opportunity to be successful in the rapidly changing global environment. We believe that all students should become responsible citizens, productive employees, resourceful employers and effective community members.

Recognizing that educational success is built upon the harmony of the triad made up of students, parents, and teachers, Galaxy International School creates a partnership from among members of this group that will help our youth fulfill their highest intellectual, social, emotional, and physical potential.

Because of the nature of its mission, Galaxy International School does not discriminate against any member of its community on the basis of gender, race, religion, and nationality because of the naturecard its mission.

Galaxy International School is committed to:

  • Providing a balanced programme focusing on the development of the whole students.
  • Preparing the students to develop their leadership potential towards meeting the ever-changing needs of the world.
  • Equipping the students with the knowledge to face challenges in a cross-cultural environment.

The School is dedicated to

  • Providing students with quality education through the use of state of the art teaching and learning facilities.
  • Developing in every student higher order thinking skills that include thinking critically, creatively, ethically, and independently.
  • Providing a well-rounded programme of activities, directed towards the development of their skills, talents and self-confidence.
Our Vision

Our vision as educationists is to empower through provision of broad, appropriate and adequate curricular offerings; by using state of the art technology to provide qualitative and functional science to all our present and prospective students irrespective of nationality, religion or tribe.

The Galaxy International School will deliver the highest standard of education in Ghana for local and foreign citizens.

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Diversity is a permanent phenomenom in the global society therefore to live in the globe having the full benefits of life is to understand this important global phenomenom. Galaxy International School is the ideal place for learning and understanding cultural diversity; with students from over 37 countries accross the globe, we offer a one stop environment for students to interact and learn from different culture. This diversity of our community shapes our students perspective of the global environment. Our students understand mutual respect and tolerance for divergent views and opinions.

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School History

Galaxy International School is an international school located in Accra, Ghana. The school was established in 2001 to provide day and boarding facilities to children living in Ghana and children of foreign based families and Ghanaians living outside Ghana. The school has two campuses, pre-school and primary section located at East Legon and secondary school located at Adjiringano, all in Accra. The School currently has students from over 37 different countries accross the globe in attendance.

The school is basically science-oriented with state of the art teaching and learning facilities.


Our school emphasizes creative thinking, critical reasoning and effective communication. Our school encourages behavior that is ethical, responsible and respectful to the rights of others. Our school appreciates cultural diversity as well as promoting pride and a sense of belonging to the school. We prepare our students to be community oriented and successful global citizens of a changing world and we endeavour to help in developing a more humane society and promote world peace with a multicultural awareness. The school strives for continuous learning and improvement. Our school believes that all people have intrinsic worth; diversity is a strength when people are committed to shared goals; individual and cultural diversity enriches life and individuals are both responsible and accountable for their choices. We also believe that learning is a natural, life-long process; all people have the capacity to learn and improve and society benefits when people seek perfection. We value open, honest, and respectful communication which is essential to mutual understanding.